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一、 Testing items
1. Oil testing
  • Lubrication performance of diesel fuel
  • Wear resistance and load-bearing capacity of lubricants (including lubricating oil and grease)
  • Lubrication performance of solid lubricating blocks
  • Antifriction performance of gear oil
  • Lubrication performance of aviation kerosene
2. Material testing
  • Friction and wear properties of alloys, composite materials, powder metallurgy and other materials
  • Wear performance of materials such as plastic, nylon, rubber, ceramics, etc
  • Wear properties of teeth, bones, hydrogels and other materials
  • Friction and Wear Properties of Coatings and Surface Treatments
3. Other categories
  • Friction and wear performance under high temperature, low temperature, and vacuum conditions
  • Tribological tests under special atmospheres such as N2 and CO2
  • Friction and Wear Properties under Low Temperature Current Carrying Conditions
  • Friction under small load test force
  • High speed friction and wear performance
4. Special working conditions
  • Gear bending fatigue strength and gear contact fatigue strength
  • Fatigue and Tribological Properties of Bearings
  • Rolling fatigue and tribological properties
  • Fretting fatigue and tribological properties
二、 Testing process

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